Lego shopping in Japan

Ok, so I did not intend to set this out as a shopping blog but I do quite… ahem… love to shop.

So what set off this topic is that the Clickbrick 2010 catalog is out today.  It confirms many of the late 2010 sets (e.g. Kingdoms Advent) and also serves as a useful price reference for any Lego fan who is planning to visit Japan.  So thanks to the helpful AFOL from Japan who posted it on his (?) blog: 

Actually I’ve been keeping a lookout as I’ll be going to Japan for a holiday next week and am planning to visit a Clickbrick store while I’m there.

Prices aren’t that exciting… though some sets are actually cheaper than Singapore after currency conversion and all…  and available ahead of Singapore, so it does make sense to go shopping for Legos in Japan, at least, if you are from Asia… However, a cheaper way to shop for Legos if you have a fixed address is to buy from Amazon Japan, which gives fairly decent discounts and free shipping (link is for sets with > 34%: discount):

Amazon also has a variety of Japanese Lego books, such as Lego book museum Vol 1 which looks interesting. If I do get one on my next trip, I’ll see if I can do a simple review:

However if Amazon is not a possibility, then I’ll recommend the Clickbrick Japan stores.

I went to one in Venus Fort last year when I went to Japan and got an engraved brick keychain (nice!). They also sell a wide variety of lifestyle products and some Lego apparel that are only available in Japan.  For my upcoming trip, I plan to go to the Rinku one located in the Rinku Premium Outlet in Osaka:  [remember to print out the coupons for visitors and bring your passport when you go to any of the outlets!]

Am still trying to figure out if I should get set 7615 which seems to be exclusive to Japan?

Ok, enough for today, I still need to plan my itinerary (and shopping lists) for my holiday!

5 Responses to Lego shopping in Japan

  1. Frances says:

    Hi, i will b in Japan during Nov and i stumbled in2 ur website on Lego shopping in Japan. It was awesome!! I will b visiting the Gotemba outlet (Hakone), they have a Lego shop there. I will also b visiting Osaka and Kyoto. I hope i’ll get the opportunity 2 get 2 clickbrick stores and the Rinku outlet. Do u mind sharing yr itinenary on ur Lego shopping; the recent ones? thx!

  2. amodularlife says:

    Hi Frances, try this post?

    Lego Shopping in Japan Part II:

    Hope you have fun in Japan and do visit back and share your Lego discoveries k? (^_^)

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