Lego Minifig Series 2 (8684)

I was just curious about the next series of collectible minifigs and a quick search turned this out:

  • Spartan – with spear and shield
  • Life guard – with rescue buoy
  • Witch – with broom
  • Pop Star – with microphone
  • Weight lifter – with weight barrel
  • Ring master – with stick
  • Jungle Explorer – with magnifying glass and telescope
  • Karate kid – with trophy
  • Surfer – Beach Boy with surf board
  • Egyptian – with scepter
  • Dracula – with bat
  • Traffic cop – with ticket and handcuffs
  • Mime artist – with 3 changeable masks
  • Skier – with ski and sticks
  • Disco Stu – with an afro hairstyle and a LP
  • (descriptions from Brickipedia:

    Heard it’s due out in September. 

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the Mime and the “Pam Anderson” lookalike… and I think the Spartan will be highly sought after by army builders.  Surfer dude’s torso will offer some nice possibilities to mod as well. 

    So which is your favourite?

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