Intro to Lego Resource: BrickStore

One really useful tool to track any Lego collection’s value is Brickstore (linked under ‘Lego Resources’ on the right).  Brickstore can be updated offline, and can link to Bricklink to auto-update latest prices, loose piece parts and sets. It is multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Unix) and multilingual (currently english, german, french and dutch).  Only drawback I can think of is that you may need to maintain two databases to properly track sets and loose pieces.

Best to get started while your collection is small… picture below is link to website to download the program.  Have fun inventorising!

Extract from the website on things you can do with BrickStore:

  • Browse and search the BrickLink catalog.
  • Easily create XML files for Mass-Upload and Mass-Update either by parting out sets or by adding individual parts (or both).
  • Download and view any order by order number.
  • Download and view your whole store inventory. An easy way to use this for repricing, is to use the BrickLink Mass-Upload functionality.
  • Easily create and upload Wanted-Lists.
  • Price your items based on the latest price guide information.
  • Create XML data for the BrickLink inventory upload.
  • If you load files which contain items with obsolete item ids you can fix them using the BrickLink catalog change-log (this could be automated with some support from BrickLink).
  • Calculate differences between two documents: you can easily check, if it is possible to build a set given your current inventory.

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