I want a Lego table too!

I came across this Lego table featured in Inhabitat some time back and wanted one immediately.  While I probably can’t hire ABGC Architecture and Design to build one, as Dublin ad agency Boys and Girls did, I can try to find 22,742 bricks and do a DIY…  I will also need a stainless steel base and four foot by nine foot thick glass.  The good news is, no glue needed! 

So, any volunteers care for a trip to Ikea? Their annual sale should be starting soon right? Or should I order like 50 boxes of basic bricks to stockpile first? 😛

Update: While doing research on how to make a Lego table (note to boyfriend: yes, I am actually seriously considering to make one), I came across more pics and even a video. So here is thevideo.  Enjoy.

Goto this website for more: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Lego-Boardroom-Table/425324


By the way, I did some quick calculations and…

1 box of 6177 Basic Bricks Deluxe = 650 bricks

22,742 bricks = 35 boxes of 6177

But, since I do not need an 8 seater table, I can probably reduce the number of bricks needed by one quarter (6 seater is fine…), that makes around 26 boxes of 6177, or 27 boxes to buffer, or approximately S$800 (at S$29.90 per box of 6177) just for the bricks.

4 seater is even more affordable at 18 boxes or S$$540.

Doesn’t sound too bad actually, what do you think? 😛

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