Latest Singapore Lego sales & shopping news

This seems to be a popular topic, so here are some updates about Lego stocks and sales. 

  • Monday (tomorrow!) is the last day for the 20% +10% Lego sales at Takashimaya.  Not sure what the current stock situation is since I’m not in Singapore now but last Friday I did manage to nearly complete my Toy Story collection (with Trash Compactor & Western Train) and re-stock the 7641 (City Corner) that I gave to my niece recently.
  • If you missed the Taka offer, Metro should still be having 20% off plus 5% member rebate. 
  • Toy Station (TS) brought in the Lego games, so here is your chance to get the little microfigs you’ve been eyeing. They also re-stocked 6212 X-wing Fighter (at TRU regular price, but still less than the scalping prices on Ebay Singapore). Last I went tho I noticed the MMV, Emerald Night & Winter Toy Shop were out of stock, so call before you go down if you are eyeing these 3 sets. 
  • Toysrus is still having the 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway at ‘offer price’ of S$89.90.  Plus the 7637 Farm at S$109.90 (vs S$152.90), 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer at S$29.90 (vs S$41.90) & Technic 8041 Race Truck 
    at S$99.90 (vs S$110.90).  Apart from 7599 that is exclusive to TRU in Singapore, the offers for the rest are not that great (and 8041 actually sucks…) (until Monday Taka gives a better discount at 28% off all regular price sets).

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