Update: New posts and format

Sudden spurt of blogging activity before Monday starts… (yes, Monday blues hitting again! Ahhh!) (Actually would have been more since I did not blog on Saturday but then a few I bookmarked were blogged by The Brothers Brick so less ‘work’ for me, haha.)

First, I decided to add shopping related news to the text area on the top right, so you don’t miss anything (tho I realise it’s more maintenance work , I’ll live with it for a while and see if I can take the ‘pain’). 

Second, the survey is still there if you haven’t answered (thanks to those who did!), I just shifted it to the bottom so the width is a little better. 

Third, I feel ‘censored’ in China… some sites are blocked, including the Singapore Lego Forum… ok, so this is just a complain session.. but seriously… why censor that???

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