Latest acquisition: Grand Emporium

I’ve been resisting getting the 10211 Grand Emporium for the longest time.  But then my dear boyfriend has just surprised me with one – just got it last night after coming back from my latest business trip. Hooray!  Isn’t he a sweetie? [ Unlike some other AFOLs, I know I’m really lucky to have a supportive partner who supports my hobby, so thanks dear & muaks.]

I can’t resist modulars, so I’ll open it soon to add to the rest of my modular street. 

I also wanted to add some of the new city sets but Metro Paragon (20% offer still on) currently does not have the new train station nor limo set.  They do have the Toy story sets and trains tho, so happy shopping if you haven’t already done so.  No new offers in the TRU upstairs, so my last update on TRU offers is still valid but TRU does have the train station in stock (and it’s a little under-whelming in real life so no urgent need for me to get one without a decent offer).

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