New sets: Winter Village Bakery & Tower Bridge

Update: New set pics available here: Link


One of the more exciting news I’ve read this week is that 2 new sets have been leaked via Amazon Japan: 10216 Winter Village Bakery and 10214 Tower Bridge.  Since I love the 10199 Winter Toy Shop, I’ve high expectations of the Winter Bakery. Now awaiting pics of the sets but the jap description mentions lights, pond, owls and 687 pieces (so probably a mini set that I need to get at least 2 sets to modularise like the Winter Toy Shop).

For the Tower Bridge set, I’m expecting a Taj Mahal type of set and the jap description mentions the London bus, London taxi and a truck (?) and 4287 pieces (huge!).

A few pics of the new SW sets were also made available this week. But news (and prelim pics) were out ages ago so no re-blogging here.  Pics can be easily found on Eurobricks forum.

For completeness, I’ll also mention that there is news of a re-issue of the Maersk Ship (10155), Architecture series White House (21006) and 7848 TRU delivery truck (with mini TRU shopfront).  All quite interesting but then the Winter Bakery is the most thrilling for me.  🙂

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