7848 TRU Exclusive

Xwingyoda did a review of the 7848 TRU exclusive and I must admit the set looks good. Not that I really need yet another truck (is this some evil TLG plot to sell roadplates??), but the shop is cute.

You can read the full review over at BrickHorizon: www.brickhorizon.com/boardz/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2254 

I’ve copied some pics from Xwingyoda‘s review, do pop by his review for full descriptions. 

Can’t wait till the TRU arrives in Singapore.  Am saving my TRU coupon for it! 





TRU shop with weapons and Lego corner.  So cute!!!



Truck interior with bed and TV.


7 Responses to 7848 TRU Exclusive

  1. hippo says:

    When will this set 7848 TRU Exclusive be arrive in Singapore? Roughly how much will it be selling in sing dollar? Thanks.

  2. hippo says:

    By the way will you be getting this? 🙂

  3. hippo says:

    I already ordered from a guy from ebay. Price is $78. I think this set may not reach singapore as it is limited edition found only in US and canada currently. I think $78 is quite fair price as Lego yellow truck cost around $50 without toysrus store. Toysrus truck is alittle bigger than the yellow Lego truck.

    This set price might go high in future.

  4. hippo says:

    Btw I bought this set because I like the toysrus store. I hope the store will be much bigger than this. The Lego boxes can be put in grand emporium store for sale. 😀

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