Toyshunt July stocks and collectible minifigs series 1 (8683)

Update on 1 July: The July releases are supposed to arrive in Bricksworld & Toystation on 2 July too.  And, BW & TS also stock the superpacks.  More in this post.


Yep. The collectible minifigs series 8683 are back in Toyshunt and arriving this Friday, 2 July along with the other July Star Wars, Kingdoms & City sets.

While ‘reservations’ is allowed, TH policy is basically on first-come-first-serve basis so unless you pay upfront, the store won’t actually set aside the set for you.

While the minifigs are only in on Friday, the rest of the familiar superpacks from the Robinsons sale have re-surfaced in Toyshunt (yep, I was there today).  Nope, no hospital pack tho.

As usual, happy shopping! 😀

66321 Dulpo Big City Zoo Value Pack 66320 Dulpo Feeding Zoo Value Pack
66321 Duplo Big City Zoo Value PackNormal Price:  $290.80Sale’s Price:  $179.90 66320 Duplo Feeding Zoo Value PackNormal Price:  $229.70Sale’s Price:  $139.90
66306 Coast Guard Value Pack 66307 World City Value Pack
66306 Coast Guard Value PackNormal Price:  $100.70Sale’s Price:  $69.90 66307 World City Value PackNormal Price:  $72.90Sale’s Price:  $39.90
66329 Police & Fire Value Pack 66318 Technic Value Pack
66329 Police & Fire Value PackNormal Price:  $60.90Sale’s Price:  $39.90 66318 Technic Value PackNormal Price:  $208.90Sale’s Price:  $129.90
8683 LEGO Minifigures Vol 1
Back in Stock8683 LEGO Minifigures Vol 1Only available on Friday (2 July)

Normal Price:  $3.90

Member’s Price:  $3.51

8098 Clone Turbo Tank 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave
8098 Clone Turbo TankNormal Price:  $279.90Member’s Price:  $251.91 8089 Hoth Wampa CaveNormal Price:  $109.90Member’s Price:  $98.91
8093 Plo Koon’s Starfighter 8095 General Grievous Starfighter
8093 Plo Koon’s StarfighterNormal Price:  $55.90Member’s Price:  $50.31 8095 General Grievous StarfighterNormal Price:  $109.90Member’s Price:  $98.91
8096 Emperor Palpatine Shuttle 8097 Slave 1
8096 Emperor Palpatine ShuttleNormal Price:  $159.90Member’s Price:  $143.91 8097 Slave 1Normal Price:  $199.90Member’s Price:  $179.91
7946 Kings Castle 7948 Outpost Attack
7946 Kings CastleNormal Price:  $219.90Member’s Price:  $197.91 7948 Outpost AttackNormal Price:  $40.90Member’s Price:  $36.81
7947 Prison Tower Rescue 7949 Prison Carriage Rescue
7947 Prison Tower RescueNormal Price:  $109.90Member’s Price:  $98.91 7949 Prison Carriage RescueNormal Price:  $19.90Member’s Price:  $17.91
7950 Knight's Showdown 7953 Court Jester
7950 Knight’s ShowdownNormal Price:  $13.90Member’s Price:  $12.51 7953 Court JesterNormal Price:  $6.90Member’s Price:  $6.21
7955 Wizard 5893 Off Road Power
7955 WizardNormal Price:  $6.90Member’s Price:  $6.21 5893 Off Road PowerNormal Price:  $159.90Member’s Price:  $143.91
7566 Farmer 3221 City Truck
7566 FarmerNormal Price:  $6.90Member’s Price:  $6.21 3221 City TruckNormal Price:  $50.90Member’s Price:  $45.81

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