Update on Collectible Minifigs (8683) at Bricksworld

Update: Only 8 boxes left at PS BW when I went to collect my box at around 7.30 pm.  Minifigs have also arrived in Toyshunt and likely Secret Chamber (since they are only supplied to the Lego exclusive stores).  Anyone have news and can update via comments?


I was at Plaza Singapura Bricksworld during lunch.  Deliveries were being unpacked and I heard they are next headed to Takashimaya so both outlets should have all the July sets by the time you read this.

Of most interest might be the status of the Collectible Minifig series 1 (8683).  I only saw 16 boxes in PS BW… (and only 15 left after I left!).  Yep, really really limited stock so better head down asap if you want to get hold of the minifigs.  No loose packs this time round due to the limited supply.  So you either get one entire box, or nothing.

Interestingly the boxes look like they were tampered with cos the seals were cut, and re-sealed.  I opened the box I bought on the spot and no change to the minifig composition tho.  So I got:

4 Cavemen
3 Cheerleaders
3 Circus Clowns
4 Cowboys
5 Deep Sea Divers
5 Demolition Dummies
4 Forestmen
4 Magicians
5 Ninja
3 Nurses
4 Robots
3 Skaters
4 Spacemen
3 Super Wrestler
3 Zombies

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