It’s a lazy weekend…

As the post title reads… was a lazy Saturday and probably Sunday as well.  I did go to Toystation & Secret Chamber tho, and after covering Bricksworld & Toyshunt on Friday, my shopping updates are:

  • All the stores now have the superpacks last seen in Robinsons (except the hospital one).
  • All July Lego releases are out in these stores  (best offer is in TS).
  • Collectible minifigs in all the exclusive stores i.e. not in Toystation.
  • SC & TH sells loose collectible minifigs (8683) for those who like to ‘molest’ the packs before buying.  [But not much hope of groping a cheerleader imo].
  • SC still has the Lego bookends that I like & a Green Grocer @ eye-popping price of $450 (it’s still avail online at US$150!).
  • TS has plenty of 6212 X-Wing and Lego games left (seems to be the only store selling those games). No 8403.
  • TS is supposed to have more stocks in next week, including the Architecture series White House & the Space Shuttle set.
  • TH still has the Lego plushie man.

Did I buy anything? Yep, of course.  A few of the new impulses (Kingdoms Jester & Wizard & City farm, the minifigs, 2 more of the Vintage Minifig Vol 5 (the one with females), Lego truck (3221) & the Coast Guard superpack [last three thanks to my bf who sponsored the lot] [yeah, lucky me!]. 😀 

Been busy with my new modular cinema, think it’s coming along nicely but still needs some tweaking before I’m ready to share. 😛


Oh, I forgot to mention my bf got me the Lego storage tray as well.  I already have one, but just wanted another… plus quality is really quite good.  You can read the reviews from Brickset.

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