BW & TH Member Offer for Jul/Aug 2010

Really tired to blog, so just some info on member offers from Bricksworld & Toyshunt…

Not very exciting, but if you are a Toyshunt member you could get these sets :

8087 TIE Defender 8191 Lavatraz
8087 TIE Defender

Normal Price:  $109.90

Member’s Price:  $79.90

8191 Lavatraz

  Normal Price:  $102.90


Member’s Price:  $75.90

The Bricksworld offer  for members is more interesting with the train set:

7939 Cargo Train $295.90 (Usual $369.90)

5893 Off-road Power $127.90 (Usual $159.90) [image]

5604 Supermarket $55.90 (Usual $85.90)

8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser $199.90 (Usual $289.90)

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