Be heard and respond to the Lego survey

I’ve done the survey for Adult and Teen fans of LEGO, have you?

July 2010 AFOL/TFOL Survey

My wish list?

Equalise the prices please. Why are sets so much more expensive in my country?
Go back to printing on bricks and end the use of stickers.
More sets like the modular buildings..with interesting building techniques, lots of parts, no need for play functions like shooters.
Start selling old sets online (make it so that any set ever released could be bought)
More historical themes with cross-theme appeal. Ancient Egypt, Rome or Greek themes could merge at the fringes with Castle, Prince of Persia and Pirate themes. DO NOT focus only on conflict and battles, daily life like in the City theme also please.

2 Responses to Be heard and respond to the Lego survey

  1. Shaun says:

    Just completed the survey ^_^ I know of one friend who prefer to buy Lego from the US because it is so much cheaper than in Singapore (even during GSS). And I am glad they come out with the Medieval Market Village set re your point 5. ^_^

  2. amodularlife says:

    Unfortunately, not everyone gets to go to USA often for shopping. And I do love MMV too. Got 4 of them so I can create a bigger ‘village’. (^_^”)

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