Lego books at Kinokuniya

I got the book “James May’s Lego House” from Kinokuniya… I just had to see how the house was built. 

Tbh, after reading I thought the design wasn’t that great… I really don’t like the stripes of colour running all outside the house.  As for the interiors, some were good (a real flushable toilet made of Lego!) while others were fairly disappointing… (chairs with studs on the seat? Even if they can’t use SNOT, I’m sure they could get some flat tiles… imagine the pain of sitting on a studded chair! )

Also spotted, one (1) last book of the Lego Collector.  I might have swiped it if not for the fact that I already have two. 😀


Interested in Lego related books? Do click here to see the list and short intro of other Lego books that I like. 🙂

5 Responses to Lego books at Kinokuniya

  1. Hon says:

    Hi, chanced upon your blog when I was google-ing for lego shopping in Sg. I’ve read all your postings and am very impress with your collection. I’m not a collector, mainly because of the cost and the amount of space needed to maintain a collection, but I do consider myself an AFOL.

    After reading your posting on the list of Lego books which you like and this posting on the books in Kinokuniya, I reserved the last copy of Lego collector via Kinokuniya’s online book store and collected the book this afternoon.

    Flipping through the book, it’s very interesting to see how Lego has evolved through the years. I’ve just reached the pages on the sets released in the 1980’s and the sets are beginning to look very familiar (kind of revealing my age). This brought back many fond memories of how I used to look at Lego catalogs over and over again and imagining myself owning every single set in the catalogs.

    Thank you for sharing your findings, experiences, etc.

    – Hon

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