I’ve been busy…

Really busy… Yep, travelling again, but not to a location where I can shop for Lego (not that I’ve time anyway).

I did get the chance to play with some of my new purchases over the weekend.  The craze over the collectible minfigs series 1 (8683) is almost over, and before I get into the series 2 craze, I thought I’ll have some fun with the cheerleaders and nurses…

Did not find enough minifig hair (when I have more than 1600 minifigs? Yeah, that’s what happens when your collection is mostly MISB), but it was enough for at least 16 different ‘looks’.

Hope you enjoy the pics. 🙂

2 Responses to I’ve been busy…

  1. collector says:

    Cool collection!

    guys collect knights for an army. girls collect nurses & cheerleaders 😛

    • amodularlife says:

      Not completely true lar. I know guys also like the cheerleaders [who doesn’t?] and other affols who collect castle and ninja sets. But come to think of it the Lego army builders I know are all guys. 🙂

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