Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Theme?

Seems to be a day for news, 1st the Beckham one (which I couldn’t help sneaking a quick post at work) and now a rumoured Pirates of the Caribbean theme for 2011. 

After the news that the pirates line will be discontinued, Lego pirates fans are now looking forward (or not, seems to be generating furious debate!) to POTC line after pictures taken from Comic-Con shows what looks like Jack Sparrow on a camel.

Not sure how fleshie skinned pirates will interact with the usual yellow minifigs, but I’m looking forward to some cool ships and minifigs. I’ve wanted a haunted Lego ship ever since I saw the Playmobil Ghost ship series.  I wonder what else will be hurting my wallet next year?

Link to Eurobricks discussion.

2 Responses to Pirates of the Caribbean Lego Theme?

  1. Dawna says:

    My son wants to get rid of his Pirate ship sets. He has Three big ships. Not sure which ones they are but they have skelital pirates and cloth flags. They are from three or so years ago. Not sold anymore.

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