Detailed category classifications

I’ve finally sorted thru the 100-plus posts and added more detailed category classifications to each of the posts.  Hopefully that makes it easier to search for posts you are interested in. E.g. to get barcodes for the collectible minifig series, you can just click on ‘Lego Themes’ –> ‘Collectible Minifigs’ –> ‘Barcodes’.

I’ve stopped tagging tho. More out of laziness than anything but I also realised that google can pick up most of the keywords from the post anyway.

Of course the search function is still enabled, and WordPress would also automatically generate what they think are related posts when you are on the individual postings.

As for the survey I’ve been running at the bottom, there’s no conclusive ‘winner’ I think, so I’ll just continue blogging stuff I like. 

Just hit 10,000 page views last nite, so thanks everyone for the new milestone. 🙂

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