Tokyo Toy Show: Lego, Nanoblocks & Clone bricks

Lego-Kei has some great pics of the Tokyo Toy Show (15 to 18 July 2010).  Some of the ones I find interesting are here, but more can be found on the site.

Oh, can’t wait for the Harry Potter sets to be released!

Harry Potter

Lego Booth


Clone bricks (WanGe Plastic Toys) <– I wonder how’s the quality?

4 Responses to Tokyo Toy Show: Lego, Nanoblocks & Clone bricks

  1. Ash says:

    I was at the Toy Fair, and in my opinion, the clone bricks were not even close to the quality of Lego (understandably), although they did have a decent range.

    The legs could not be removed, the parts which could be separated highly varied in tightness and there were unfinished manufacturing marks on the products (extrusion flanges left on the legs).

    Lego would be a very tough competitor to take profits from, especially considering the product had no distinguishing factor or USP.

    I was very impressed by Nanoblocks however (although this was the reason I was in Japan)

  2. amodularlife says:

    Oh, you collect Nanoblocks too? My bf theorized that when I went to Japan I did not find enough Lego sets so I bought Nanoblocks instead…

    As for clone bricks, I think the Japanese are quite particular about quality so I’m doubtful sales would be good in Japan. But I have seen interesting looking clone bricks from Korea (with asian themes) and it’s those clone bricks that really interest me since TLG don’t seem to be doing any asian themes.

    Ahhhh… better stop before I get pelted with bricks by hardcore Lego fans! =P

  3. Ash says:

    I certainly do – I was actually in Japan to secure a distribution agreement for them. WanGe also expressed an interest in distributing to the UK, but I don’t think it would succeed over here at all.

    Great website by the way – you really love your Lego 🙂

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