Tattooing your minifigs

If you haven’t seen these 6 tattoo-ed minifigs, you should. They are pretty amazing considering they are created for a Pilot Extrafine pen ad campaign. Considering how small minifigs are and how intricate the tattoos are, I’m pretty convinced of the ‘extrafine’ bit. Problem is, I can’t imagine why I would need such a fine nibbed pen. Other than tattoo-ing a few minifigs of course, that is always a possibility…  Enjoy! 🙂

By the way, the illustrators are Diogo Dutra & Malen Feliz. Details of the ad creators below.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Barcelona, Spain
Art Directors: Jose Miguel Tortajada, Oscar Amodia, Dani Páez
Copywriters: Jürgen Krieger, Joan Mas, Luke Sholer
Photographer: Gonzalo Puertas
Illustrators: Diogo Dutra, Malen Feliz

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