My recent buys…

I promised to blog about this, so here are some pics of my recent purchases…


First, from the Metro member sale (20% off blue and yellow tagged Lego sets + 5% off in rebate):

[Service was great! A really helpful staff actually helped me to carry the box down to the car. Plus gave me posters. So happy, must remember to write a glowing commendation letter next time I go.

I asked for a box since more convenient than many many plastic bags to carry. Yeah, speaking from experience.]

[Metro sale is open to the public from tomorrow.]


Next, coincidentally my S@H purchases via Borderlinx arrived today:

[No, it wasn’t in one box, but FOUR separate boxes/packages… but as you can see, got 3 spaceman magnets so I did make 3 separate orders to get them…]


Taking all of the Lego I got/received today:


Still looks kinda empty tho, so add the ones I bought over the weekend from OG and the collectible minifigs series 1 (I only took out those ziplocked minifigs where I got more than 6 sets of… yeah, I got at least 6 of each minifig plus extras for the cheerleader, nurse, zombie, ninja and forestman):


Yup, that’s all I think. Really don’t think I forgot anything. 😛

18 Responses to My recent buys…

  1. wongkw says:

    Which Metro outlet did you go?

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    Where can I still find Ninja & Clown ? Can you direct me, please ?

    • amodularlife says:

      Clown can be easily found in TRU where collectible minifigs are avail. Just rem to bring the barcodes along. It’s not very popular. No ninjas in TRU tho.

      There is someone selling the minifigs loose in the S0937 forum. Why don’t you join the forum? Just rem to do the self intro in the correct format.

  3. walsh klien says:

    you should get Lego 8043 Motorize Excavator, I think it’s coming out to Singapore next week. By the way, I like your site! Keep up the good work! =)

    • amodularlife says:

      Thanks! I’m not into technic sets, but I guess u are? Have u gotten the august releases yet?

      • walsh klien says:

        I manage to get my 8043 excavator on Tuesday Aug 3 can’t wait to start building!!! By the way, I like the blogs on modular houses that you posted. Gives me loads of ideas for my own MOC. I currently have the 4 modular Lego sets and have already built a road to complement, thinking of upgrading the interior for the buildings as my next project. =)

        You can check out Sariel’s website: Maybe that would change you mind about Technic =P

      • amodularlife says:

        No technics. I already think I collect way too many genres as it is. Too fierce on wallet!

        If you like modulars bricktowntalk and flickr cafe corner style are good sources. Just curious: you build roads instead of buying road plates?

      • walsh klien says:

        Yeah I didn’t like the road plates that Lego has ‘coz it’s way too waste of space and kinda ugly. So I decided to build my own road using 16 x 32 base plate and put tiles on it. I can also customize it to like have manholes or potholes that I can pose some road works minifigs trying to fix it =P I can send u some photo shots if you are interested. I’m not that good with MOCs yet as I only started to learn to do my own =D

      • amodularlife says:

        Oh sounds interesting! May I know where u get the tiles from? In Singapore or via bricklink?

      • walsh klien says:

        Mostly I get from Bricklink, ‘coz I was using a combination of the old gray color tiles with the new light bluish gray tiles. Most of them are pretty hard to find locally in Singapore. If you have Facebook you can add me, I have uploaded my Modular Buildings with the roads on my facebook. Edit: email address removed.

      • amodularlife says:

        For privacy reasons I removed your email address. If you are fine publishing that I can add it back. :). Thanks and let me see what I can do to set up a fb account for this blog. 🙂

      • walsh klien says:

        thank u =)

  4. BT says:

    Wow, that’s quite a haul of LEGO sets! More than I could compile in a year! And you got the Space Shuttle, Kingdom’s Castle and White House. Oooh, I’m soooo envious. 😛

    Noticed you got some old Speed Racer sets. How did you manage to?

    I see you collect Mr Potato Heads too? 😀


  5. Discman says:


    Really like your blog eversince i accidentally discovered it recently. i’m thinking of shipping from S@H via borderlinx too. possible to share how much is your typical shipping cost and how do u optimize on the cost of shipping?


  6. amodularlife says:

    Ok, quite a few comments so will try to ans together:

    Yep I do collect Mr Potatos. That’s the only other toy I collect apart from Lego.
    I got the speed racer sets from OG. TS has the grand prix too. As I hv been advising other readers, do join the Lego forum. Not just for the shopping news, but to interact with other AFOLs too.

    The last haul from USA cost me about $120. But I did not try to optimize cos I order in 3 shipments for the spaceman magnet.
    I find that shipping more spreads the cost rather than to make small deliveries, and will take advantage of the one month storage grace if I order a few deliveries that arrive at separate times to pod them together. Lastly I avoid customs tax by keeping shipments below $500. Borderlinx auto gens the customs tax if u fall into the bucket so I play around with different delivery combination of parcels.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi thanxs for the Sharing. Currently I’m aiming on some of the stuff in S@H that can’t be found anywhere in sg. Maybe I try to buy some to test water abit. Once again, thanxs for your help.

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