Stocks in at Toystation

Just an FYI on new and back-in-stock stuff in at Toystation.
New In Stock
Lego Architecture Series (Full Range)
Lego Shuttle 10213 <– Isn’t this a back-in-stock? Nevermind…
Back In Stock
Lego Creator 4956
Lego Creator 4996
Lego SW 7659
Lego Grand Emporium 10211
Lego Imperial Flagship 10210
Lego Emerald Night 10194
Lego SW ATOT with Dropship 10195
Lego Grand Carousel 10196
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10 Responses to Stocks in at Toystation

  1. hippo says:

    Hi, do they give any discount for imperial flagship or grand emporium if I am not a member there?

    • amodularlife says:

      There is no member scheme for Toystation…

      Sorry not sure of TS prices but if you get either set from Bricksworld you would qualify for membership immediately?

    • Hon says:

      Hi hippo, I was at TS last Sunday. Grand Emporium selling for $339.90 nett. Price not displayed for Imperial Flagship and I forgot to ask as I was stunned by the price of the Taj Mahal. It was selling for $650 (mst be the Beckham-effect) and the boss told me that price will be increasing to at least $699.

      The sets that are classified under collector’s items are not offered any discounts but the regular sets have discount. You may want to check out the store personally if you are interested in other sets.

      – Hon

      • Jonathan Lum says:

        Did I read correctly that the New Imperial Flagship is Out at TS ?

      • Hon says:

        Hi Jonathan, the Imperial Flagship is available at TS. Last checked a couple of wks back, only saw 1 set displayed together with all the other collectible sets. Priced at $339.90 which is the same as what the specialty stores are offering before discount.

        TS does not offer discount for this set, so it will be cheaper to buy from the specialty stores if you’re a member. Even if you’re not a member, you’ll qualify for free membership at most of the specialty stores since this set alone is more than $300.

        If I remember correctly, when you spend more than $300 in a single receipt at Toyshunt, not only will you qualify for free membership, the subsequent amount above $300 will be subjected to member’s discount, ie, if you buy this set from Toyshunt, the 1st $300 will qualify you for free membership while the subsequent $39.90 will be subjected to 10% member’s discount, so you’ll only have to pay $335.91.

        Not sure if the above is the same at Bricksworld though.

        Hope the info helps.

        – Hon

  2. hippo says:

    Hi, I went toystation today. First time going there. Wow not bad all lego sets going for 15% except special edition 5 digits serial number Lego which is selling at retail.

    I bought emerald night there today. Wondering is $199.90 expensive anot?

    • amodularlife says:

      Depends on perspective. I 1st got the EN when it came to SG. It cost more than $200 I think. At one time the EN dropped to $160-ish… and then now it’s gone back up. In 2 years time evil bay will prob list it at above $200. So $199.90 would look cheap in… 1/2/5 years? Lego usually appreciates, especially for nice sets like the EN. Congrats on your buy and enjoy the build!

      Guess you’ll be going there more often now that you’ve discovered it? (^_^)

  3. hippo says:

    Last 2 sets of emerald night left.

  4. hippo says:

    Will you power function emerald night to let it run? 😀

    • amodularlife says:

      I might. I have the engine set I think. But trains are more bf’s toys.

      Am quite happy not to run it actually. As u may have guessed from my modular buildings collection, static displays work for me too. Did u power up the train?

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