Lgorlando’s former City teaser

According to lgorlando, this is his former city set-up and it already blows me away.  I hope he shares his current city set-up soon.

4 Responses to Lgorlando’s former City teaser

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    wow … did he dedicate a room for his set-up ? I nearly wanted to give up my room for my train setup but in the end gave way to make it a study instead .. imagine the no. of Lego pieces that he has … can’t wait for his new City setup as you’ve described ..

    • amodularlife says:

      Have been checking his flickr page, but unfortunately no updates. Really curious wat his city looks like!

      See that you are now active in the local forum. Welcome. 🙂 my nick is ‘metalgearsolid’.

      • Jonathan Lum says:

        Yup .. found out that your nick is Metal Gear Solid .. it’s one of my favourite game .. i even bought the Collector’s Item .. a Snake Skin Pouch for my Camoflaged PSP .. I am loving it .. also got the Series 2 Kubricks along with it ..

      • amodularlife says:

        Erm long story why that nick. But actually I don’t play that game. Am more the final fantasy type.

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