Lego August releases in Singapore

The August releases came in yesterday in most stores. I expect that the rest of the stores should get them by the end of this week if they haven’t had delivery.  Loads of new stuff, the City House, new SW sets, World racers, Heroes, Technic, etc.

Copied the list below off Bricksworld. Sorry no pics (feeling lazy!) but I left the links so you can click to the Bricksworld online store if you are inclined.  Usual member and other discounts apply to the specialty stores.

The Cad Bane’s Speeder set (8128) offer is the most attractive at S$69.90 compared to the USA price (US$49.90).  Went to Bricksworld yesterday to have a look but left empty handed. I already have the Lego Games, don’t collect Atlantis/Technic/Hero Factory/World Racer & will grab a few City House only when it goes on sale.  That gives me a breather before Collectible Minifig series 2 arrives (later this month?).  😛

3835 Robo ChampPrice: S$19.90
3836 MagikusPrice: S$19.90
3838 Lava DragonPrice: S$24.90
3839 Race 3000Price: S$39.90
3841 MinotaurusPrice: S$49.90
3843 Ramses PyramidPrice: S$59.90
7145 Von NebulaPrice: S$39.90
7147 XplodePrice: S$23.90
7148 MeltdownPrice: S$23.90
7156 CorroderPrice: S$23.90
7157 ThunderPrice: S$23.90
7158 Furno BikePrice: S$59.90
7160 Drop ShipPrice: S$102.90
7162 RotorPrice: S$39.90
7164 Preston StormerPrice: S$17.90
7165 Natalie BreezPrice: S$17.90
7167 William FurnoPrice: S$17.90
7168 Dunkan BulkPrice: S$17.90
7169 Mark SurgePrice: S$17.90
7170 Jim StringerPrice: S$17.90
8043 Motorized ExcavatorPrice: S$345.90
8051 MotorbikePrice: S$85.90
8052 Container TruckPrice: S$139.90
8053 Mobile CranePrice: S$199.90
8076 Deep Sea StrikerPrice: S$41.90
8077 Atlantis Exploration HQPrice: S$99.90
8078 Portal of AtlantisPrice: S$199.90
8080 Undersea ExplorerPrice: S$79.90
8099 Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer™Price: S$85.90
8128 Cad Bane’s Speeder™Price: S$69.90

List Price: S$109.90

Save: S$40.00

8403 City HousePrice: S$81.90
8863 Blizzard’s PeakPrice: S$139.90
8864 Desert of DestructionPrice: S$207.90
8896 Snake CanyonPrice: S$20.90
8897 Jagged Jaws ReefPrice: S$45.90
8898 Wreckage RoadPrice: S$69.90
8899 Gator SwampPrice: S$89.90

One Response to Lego August releases in Singapore

  1. Discman says:

    Hi, I went to TS today. The Cad Bane’s speeder is selling lower than BW @ 65+.

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