Winners of Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Epic Scenes Contest

The results are out for the Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Epic contest for large, medium and small scenes. I’ve copied the pics of the 1st prize winners here, and you can scroll down for links to the rest of the winners.

Large scenes:

1st Place: E43D by Mos_Eisley (124 points)
2nd Place: Theed Ambush Rescue by ACPin (55 points)
3rd Place: Felucia: Heart of Darkness by legorevolution


Link to large scenes


Medium scenes:

1st Place: That wasn’t a laser blast. Something hit us. by marshal banana
2nd Place: Immolation- the end of Anakin Skywalker by Fat Tony
3rd Place: A Piping Hot Duel by Inconspicuous

Link to medium scenes

Small scenes:

1st Place: Nabo Duel – Maul Vs Kenobi and Jin by mookage
2nd Place: The Crystal Caves of Illum by Fat Tony
3rd Place: Luke faces Vader by greenskull139

Link to small scenes

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