Bob Carney’s Schloß Neuschwanstein

It’s stunning, and it’s huge! And, it’s just one of the many other castles Bob Carney has built. Picture below shows Bob with his wife Judy.

From Classic Castle:

If you attended BrickWorld 2010, or if you’ve looked at photos, you’ve surely been amazed by Bob Carney’s most recent castle, Schloß Neuschwanstein. This project started in January of this year, and was completed just in time to show to other AFOLs in Chicago. Neuschwanstein is not truly from the Castle era, since this was a palace built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the nineteenth century, but it is amazingly beautiful, nestled up against the north face of the Alps in southern Germany. Every fan of the LEGO Castle theme should spend time on his site to see his MOCs, learn about the history behind these castles, and even get plans to build your own.

Dr. Carney is a long-time AFOL, starting when he built LEGO with his kids in the 70’s, and also has a great interest in the medieval era and castle construction. Over the course of four weeks in two trips in 2000 and 2003, he and his wife visited about a hundred castles in Scotland and Ireland. He extensively researches each of his LEGO projects, and has now recreated 128 historic castles in LEGO form. These can all be found on his site, LEGO Castles.

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