Modular microscale castle system

What can AFOLs who are out of space do?  Apart from building on LDD (which is frankly not as satisfying as playing with the real thing), perhaps one way is to think small i.e. go microscale.

I’ve seen quite a few amazing microscale creations on Flickr, and just came across a modular microscale castle system which I thought is really interesting.

From Classic Castle:

Kecia Christine Hansen is an AFOL from the land of LEGO, Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the past couple of years she has come up with a modular system to build microscale castles. She felt these modules were a perfect fit for the concept of LEGO Design by Me, so with a slight redesign, she has used LEGO Digital Designer to come up with over fifty different units based on 16×16 bases. Defined connection points and the placement of roads and city walls allow these to be brought together in endless configurations to make huge, er, tiny walled cities. You can get the files for twenty-five of her modules by going to the Design by Me gallery and searching on the usename lara34 (I found that you have to actually click the green triangle rather than simply hitting the return key, or else LEGO’s search engine comes up with no matches). You can even then order these modules from LEGO. She’s already bought several and plans to buy more, so she can turn her virtual designs into ABS reality.

In addition to displaying her MOCs in her Brickshelf gallery, Kecia runs, a site and forum devoted to the LEGO Adventurers and Indiana Jones themes. She also has a personal site, BrickPortal, which she says is out of date and due for a site redesign, and is a member of Lugnet.

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