My modular corner cinema

Update again: See my modular town hall (also from 10184) pics here.

Update again: See my modular white building pics here. 🙂


Update: My cinema has been blogged in Classic-Town! Yippee! Click here to see the post. 😀

I’d also posted in EB about my cinema and after reading all the kind comments, feel so inspired to build some more. 🙂


Readers would have seen from earlier posts (here for my modular street and here for research) that I’d been fiddling around with a modular corner cinema modified with parts from the Town Plan. 

Well, I finally put in the last 4 pieces (the technic blocks with hole that came with my S@H PAB selection) today and since I’m kinda sick of playing around with the cinema, I thought to take some pics over the long weekend and share here – sorta an official closure. 😛

Front and side views:

First floor interior, front door, ticket booth and popcorn corner:

2nd floor interior, entrance and cinema room:

Back view (really ugly!):

Ok, not perfect… but I’m lazy to fix the flaws. Stuff I’m pleased with are the popcorn corner, ticket counters (I like the TV screens 🙂 ) and Yeti display (like those movie displays at cinemas). 

Stuff I don’t like so much… (wow, such a long list!) Stairs ain’t so great, the screen and chairs look kinda sad and the back is really ugly (luckily not visible in my usual display!).  Plus I don’t have enough white plates for the flooring and roof so it’s really patch-worky looking – the red plates are totally based on whatever plates I have on hand) and the white tiles are leftovers from the winter scene I did last December (I think either blue or red tiles would look more authentic for carpeting).

As a last view, my current modular street:


Update: Got the cinema from Town Plan to do a side-by-side comparison with my modular:


So what’s next? I’m thinking to modularise either the Pizza store from City Corner (7641), or the Police Headquarters (7744) or the Hospital (7892).  What do you think?

Am leaning towards Pizza store, mainly cos I have lots of red bricks on hand from all the basic brick sets I’ve been swiping.  Plus it’s an easy one.  The Police HQ and Hospital will probably have to be a full plate thing rather than the half plate for Pizza store, so those are also gonna take a while to build up.

Decisions, decisions…

8 Responses to My modular corner cinema

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  2. Mond2 says:

    Nice… a little pity the stickers are starting to peel for the “CINEMA” words…

    Go for modular Pizza store… maybe the MS upgrading too… >p

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, found you blog through Classic-Town. I really like what you did with the cinema. by the way, how many Town Plans did you get? 🙂 And the idea to modularize other sets is great… I’m playing with modular police station for a while my self, so I’d suggest you go for Pizza store 🙂 (also, I don’t have enough red).
    Keep up the good work.

    • amodularlife says:

      I’ve 3 town plan sets. The cinema only took 1.5 sets. Did not even have to apply stickers for 2nd set and since I used a different colour scheme the rare colored bricks were ok too. The plan is to modularize all official city sets since they look strange and shrunken next to the modulars. All the best with your police station and thanks. 🙂

  4. porkytah says:

    Nice creation there 🙂 … I think its a great design to complement the current modular buildings. Maybe you shd try a modular resturant or something like that, and with a open top swimming pool.

    • amodularlife says:

      Thanks for supporting my blog! Haven’t seen you active on the forum for a while. 🙂

      Oh! I’ve the perfect set in mind to MOC/MOD for that… the Paradisa house. The one with the bubble glass dome and swimming pool. But will be much much later I think… I don’t have enough pink bricks. 😛

      Well I would do the Pizza shop from city corner sooner or later, so my minifigs will still have a place to eat (eventually).

  5. buseClecolo says:

    Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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