2011 set news & rumours on EB

Update on 6 Jan: You can see the 2011 set adverts/videos here or the full list/pics of 2011 sets from Brickset.


Now that the line-up for 2010 releases are probably mostly announced (or leaked), it’s time to speculate about the 2011 releases. Klaus-Dieter from Eurobricks has shared his peek at the 2011 catalog. Interested? Then head on over to EB:

Of most interest is to me is the City sets. Sounds good to me that the line-up includes police and space cos that gives me a breather for my wallet to recuperate from a very ‘fierce’ 2011.  Space is definitely a no-no for me… as for police, how many police sets does a town need? Unless the police HQ is exceptionally gorgeous… wish list is still for more civilian sets. A bank would be great. Perhaps as the next modular?

What happened to POTC and the Kingdom sets? Hmm…

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