Do you need to buy the collectible minifig series 2?

Yeah, I thought so… and in case you thought you didn’t/wasn’t/will resist the temptation… then don’t look at the pic below.

More pics can be found in – 2×4 –‘s Flickr account.

Btw, I heard the series 2 figs (8684) will be available from 1st week of September. Apparently they are already in Singapore. Guess it’s also good that my wallet can recover from recent purchases. 😛

3 Responses to Do you need to buy the collectible minifig series 2?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are “Poisoning” Us !!! … b.t.w – how many Spartans are you getting ? Can I “trouble” you to get me a few, if you don’t mind as my new work schedule may not be able to let me run around freely ? If it is not OK, not an issue. Also, can’t see the Black LEGO Figures of which set it is from … can you tell ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Strange .. my nick does not appear anymore when I leave a comment on your post & I’ve also receive no notifications of new post by email at all .. anyway for you to check ? This is Jonathan here … -> pen2Lum …

  3. amodularlife says:

    I think it has to do with wonky WordPress… cos I lost 2 of the drafts I was working on this afternoon… But thanks for the heads-up.

    I think the black guys are the POP desert strike bad guys. I’m guessing that the spartans will be the ‘cheerleader’ of series 2 and I need a few myself. So sorry! 😛 Maybe you can try Bricklink?

    To be safe, just get a box (or 2) of 60 minifigs. That’s probably what I’ll be doing and that should get you at least 6 spartans.

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