Loads of nice MOCs today

Must be a fruitful weekend for many AFOLs cos I saw loads of new stuff on Flickr and here are some that I like. 

Must be a record number of featured MOCs at one time here. Am so tired I shall ‘close shop’ for the night to rest…


Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop by_Matn

“Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop is located in a side street off the main road in Hogsmeade. It’s a small tea shop owned by Madam Puddifoot favoured among Hogwarts couples, and was where Harry Potter and Cho Chang went to on Valentine’s Day in 1996.

After a hard day of work Madam Puddifoot is cleaning things a bit up. She has just put the milk bottles outside and is now cleaning the front of her little tea shop a bit. It’s getting dark outside and her cat wants to get in.

More pictures at: Brickshelf MOCpages Eurobricks

Castello Rosso  by busboy489

This was built for the Classic-Castles 32×32 primary color challenge. It’s quite rare to see castles made in red so it really caught my eye.

Joe’s Mobile Dairy by gearcs

It amuses me somehow, thought Joe’s expression is really cute.

Gamble House by The Brick Scho

Looks like an asian version of the architecture series.

Midnight Dragon by ((Primus))

I’m not a technics person and I don’t think I could ever create stuff like this.

GHL 77-6 by nolnet

Standard vehicle for the OPD (Orbital Parcel Delivery) department of GHL (Galactic Handling and Logistics). Loading it is always a hassle. Due to massively overcrowded engine compartments, useless or redundant scanning equipment and other misplanned gadgetry it’s almost impossible to load cargo into the GHL 77-6.

It has, however, comfy blue suede seats for the two man crew, complete with state-of-the-art dashboard thingamabobs, cup holder and a six-disc CD changer.

Built for GHL’s first contest.

Spam with a nice chianti by davekaleta

This one really made me smile. Over in Singapore the equivalent of spam is ‘luncheon meat’, more specifically a certain brand from China that caused a mini-‘luncheon meat’ crisis a few years ago when they were banned for a while. Yeah, I love my luncheon meat with instant noodles, yum yum.

Un-named creation by Proudlove

This is a cute alien huh?

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