Stardust by Cole Bl♠q

Cole Bl♠q gives us another interesting creation.  The name caught my eye (I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman), and it’s certainly a great looking ship in an unusual colour.  See if you understand this:


Meet Seraph Daoon, a highly skilled bounty hunter. Like most Kel’Dorians he posses strong powers of the force. Even without any force training he developed some serious skills with the bright and the dark side, which makes him the number one hunter for force-related collections.
Equipped with an injection blaster, based on bacteriological weaponry and a Yuuzhan Vong force shielded armour, got hold of at one of the planets on the very verge of the Outer Rims, he is one of the top hunters of the galaxy. The ‘Stardust’ – his abandoned prototype long distance starfighter from Aqsmi Shipyards, has been a plague for many wanted beings.

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