A special treat for Lego Star Wars fans

A special treat for all you Lego Star Wars fans. 😀


Largest display of Star Wars clone troopers built with interlocking plastic bricks

The world’s largest display of LEGO® Star Wars™ clone troopers was composed of 35,310 individual models and was built by LEGO® in Slough, U.K., on June 27, 2008

Source: MSNBC Photo Slide Show


Was curious about Guinness World Records for Lego stuff, and found this.  Beats pics of tallest Lego tower, longest structure and fastest build huh? No? Ok, you can click on to Lego World Records then…

5 Responses to A special treat for Lego Star Wars fans

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    WOW !!! They beat me to it !!! Talking about the Deadly Vader’s Fist – 501st Legion … u putting up @ s0937 … you should .. we will only drool …

  2. amodularlife says:

    Hmm… this was way back in 2008. Mabbe the old timers on the forum have already seen this before?

    Must have been quite a sight in real life man… I wonder what happened to the clone troopers after the event?

  3. lucas says:

    this is awesome!!!!! (^*-*^)

  4. Trop cool cette photo y’a plein de clones !!!!!!!!

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