Lego Architecture set sales again on

News from Toys N Bricks. I can’t rem local (SG) prices to compare cost to buy & ship in vs from local stores tho.

Btw Borderlinx now has 30% off shipping with promo code 730317, so shipping should be cheaper than the S$71.25 I spent shipping in all 6 sets a while ago (see post here).

************************************************** is having LEGO Architecture sets on sale again. As usual, receive FREE Super Saver Shipping on purchases above $25. Thanks to forum member brickz for the heads up.

  • LEGO 21005 Fallingwater $69.95 (reg.$99.99)
  • LEGO 21004 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum $32.76 (reg.$39.99)
  • LEGO 21002 Empire State Building $17.1 (reg.$19.99)
  • LEGO 21003 Seeatle Space Needle $17.1 (reg.$19.99)
  • LEGO 21001 John Hancock Center $17.89 (reg.$19.99)

17 Responses to Lego Architecture set sales again on

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    Are those US$ or SG$ … will you be getting some more ? If Yes, can i “piggyback”, please ???

  2. amodularlife says:

    All in USD, and m not getting more.

    U get a borderlinx account lar, very simple. But maybe compare price vs TS before u decide if u want to ship in yourself. Previously TS did not have so I didn’t have much choice.

  3. BT says:

    Here’s another option. Have you tried to buy LEGO from Barnes and Noble ( It might be cheaper for larger items as their shipping rates are fixed – USD13 for 1st item and much less for the rest. Also, it’s less hassle than Borlerlinx as they can ship direct to you, but shipping time is a bit longer.

    Thinking of ordering the new Architecture set (White House) from there. What do you think?

  4. amodularlife says:

    Sounds like a good plan.

    Was chatting with another AFOL yesterday at the TRU sale who also suggested that. But the drawback is that the box could be heavily damaged during shipment. If you don’t care about the box then I think it could work out cheaper. Let me know how it works out ok? I’m also curious if it’s a way for more cost savings for such an expensive hobby.

    But, I must say instant gratification is a big thing for me… if also the same for you then I’ll advise you to try TS. Don’t forget tho that they are closed on Sundays during the fasting month so don’t rush down tmr k? (^_^)

    • Discman says:

      TS is selling the white house at SGD100. If u only getting this, then the cost inclusive of shipping may not be worthwhile to get from US. Anyway, TS close at 6pm during fasting month too.. 🙂

      • BT says:

        Do you know if TS sells the rest of the Architecture sets and how much?

        Buying from BN only makes sense if you buy big n expensive sets eg. King’s Castle, SW (CTT, Slave 1). I may get the new HP sets (Hogwarts, train) from there if the prices in SG are going to be astronomical like I saw at BW.

  5. Discman says:

    Hi BT,

    not too sure how much but TS got most of the series. i may pop by again later this week. If u wan i can check it out for u.

    anyway, i gave in to temptation and order the whole series from Amazon.. 😀

  6. BT says:

    Hi Discman,

    So you’re gonna use Borderlinx to ship your LEGO back to SG? Do share details of the shipping costs, I might follow suit. 😀

    • Discman says:

      Hi BT,

      i already placed my orders at amazon liao.. going to deliver to Borderlinx.. but dont know y Amazon quite silly.. all my items got stock.. but they are shipping it piece by piece.. now i switch my Borderlinx shipping from autoship to flexiship jus in case they also do the same n ship piece by piece..

      will update u again once the stuffs get shipped out..

      • amodularlife says:

        Oh Discman did you mark on the Amazon shipment to group them together? I did that the last time so when I ordered my sets I got them in 2 shipments and not 6. Else very expensive leh… (-_-“)

  7. Discman says:

    Actually i cant recall abt selecting this in my amazon order.. my previous orders from amazon always shipped in a single shipping.. first time see they all do in pieces.. anyway.. at least the amazon to borderlinx portion is free shipping.. now i jus need to make sure that the borderlinx to sg part iis a single shipping cos this part is coming from my pocket.. 😀

  8. Discman says:

    first item shipped out of amazon liao.. i check my order’s shipping preference, it’s set to “Group my items into as few shipments as possible ” vs the other one which i think is “Ship whenever items available” or something..

    jus realise that i better pray hard that the 30% discount for borderlinx is still valid by the time all the items reach there.. 😀

  9. amodularlife says:

    Oh, btw the delivery guys can be rather brusque… delivery has been fine for me so far tho, hope you get your sets soon,

  10. BT says:

    Discman: was the shipping charges S$60 or US$60? Btw, what was the package weight that Borderlinx charged you for? Since you stuff arrived in 3 packages, did they repack the items to save space and shipping charges?

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