2010 City Advent Calendar Review (2824)


DHCP1121 from EB has shared his review of the 2010 City Advent Calendar here: Link.

I really like the minature toys!

8 Responses to 2010 City Advent Calendar Review (2824)

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    Guess you are going to get yourself 1 set or 2 ?

    • amodularlife says:

      Just one? I think. Must learn to be more disciplined like the other bro n sis on the forum n just get one set of each. I don’t army build anyway.

      • BT says:

        Buy 1 for myself, but many for others to spread the LEGO joy. I wonder how much it’ll cost here. They make good Xmas presents for the kids and nephews during holiday season. Open 1 a day for 24 days. 😛

      • amodularlife says:

        That’s true huh? But I’ve already bought them their xmas presents plus I dun think those little ‘rascals’ can wait 24 days to open them. Erm, not that I can too. Haha. =P

        Should be around the same price as last year? $30-ish?

  2. BT says:

    Couldn’t wait to find out price so I sent BW a query. Below is their reply. It’s cheaper than last year! 🙂

    “The sale for both the Advent Calendar sets will be launched on 2 Sept (Plaza
    Singapura Store) & 3 Sept (Ngee Ann City Store).

    The sets are selling at offer/ sale price S$36.90, so no further discount
    for members.”

  3. BT says:

    Both Advent Calendar sets are available for pre-order at BW website. 🙂

    Amodularlife, wonder which one is you in s0937 forum?

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