TRU Sale Madness

Update at 8 pm:

Just read some crap posting on local Lego forums that made me very angry!!!  I can assure you at least that the sets I bought are not intended for re-sale.

I’m a hardcore collector, same for most of the AFOLs I know.  Of course we check the boxes. Why on earth would we want to buy crushed boxes when we are collectors?  But, I did get crushed boxes at the sale, simply cos I don’t care, I need the bricks.  A typical modular MOC takes at least 3 normal sets to build up.  My Winter Toy Shop MOC using a 16×32 baseplate took 2 sets, plus loads of basic bricks.  My Town Plan MOCs take 3 sets, on 32×32 baseplates plus loads of basic bricks.  Why so many SW sets?  How many Wampas do you need to make a decent Hoth scene? You go and figure. Sheesh.

Anyway no mentioned that we passed out loads of extra boxes out to the people earlier in the day when they asked nicely, including SW, creators, Toy Story etc.  To the ones who came in much later, really sorry but we have been there for hours by the time they had their sleep/ breakfast/ lunch and strolled in looking for bargains.  Don’t forget that we all took leave as well.

I did hear though that some of the people in the q are indeed ebay sellers, but don’t go barking up the wrong tree.

Btw, the bad behaviour I meant was those people who charged in trying to snatch/push/ grab/quarrel into getting sets. The same ones who I later saw had huge loads in the q to pay. 


Post-mortem at 7 pm:

Finally home after a long and tiring day. 

I got a huge haul. Like HUGE.  Am I happy?  Yeah.  Broke?  Very.  But other than just the haul I had fun meeting with lots of other AFOLs in the morning (hey, we did have to wait for a few hours together so it’s like a gathering and then getting all excited with the pre-sales buzz) and also practice teamwork during the sales.

Also met with quite a few of you who read my blog, and some unexpected readers, so that’s nice too. 🙂 

Next time you see me at some sales, don’t forget to say ‘hi’ ya?

In previous years, I was one of the crowd who came down at lunch and picked at ‘scraps’.  So for those who couldn’t come down earlier, I can understand the pain and frustration.  Been reading the posts from some of the local forums about the group that swiped the sets, etc, etc but hey can u imagine when I went down in the morning (and I typically NEVER wake up before the sun rises), I was one of the late ones?  So imagine how many hours the people in the front of the queue was there.

As you can see from the before and after pics below, not much left by the afternoon. Will there be more stocks tmr? I think yes, but fairly limited.  Probably if you can’t be down early, don’t bother. I was there at 10-ish last year on Saturday and I didn’t stand a chance. First 10 pax grabbed basically all the decent sets. Not sure if they kept more aside this year.  

Btw there were some SW sets (the Bariss one) and Agents (Robo Attack – my fav in the series) topped up mid-afternoon, along with some basic duplo bricks in a yellow tub.  The SW sets were wiped out pretty quick like in 5 min.


As with previous sales, those who arrived only at 11 am when the TRU sale is supposed to start missed the best of the bargains. By 10 the q to enter the sales went one round. By 11 the q was doubling around itself.

After a hectic morning queuing, waiting, and sometimes jumping (to see the sets available), now have to wait 2 hours to make payment. Imagine the snaking q now inside rather than out!

Anyway once a year for one crazy day.

To those sour over missing the bargains, u could either come earlier or camp overnight. If not, then don’t complain.

No stocks replenishments so no point going down if u missed the morning madness.

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