My Modular Town Hall

For today, I’ve engaged the services of Pete, my town photographer to help with the photo taking process:

Yup, that’s Pete, with his latest SLR in the pic above.  So where do we start? Ah… we spot a town map and that gives us a clue about where we are headed to next:

Yep, it’s the Lego Town Hall and heading right up the stairs we spot the receptionist… oh, isn’t she a vision of loveliness…:


To our left, the waiting area has seats with the latest trend in indoor landscaping – the asian bamboo.  To our right, it’s the Mayor’s office – an overhead shot shows the key to the city gleaming above the Mayor’s desk.

Another overhead shot shows the layout of the 1st floor. Oh shall go up the stairs and have a look at the 2nd floor?

Ah, we are in luck, a Lego town wedding is in progress! And so that’s where the Mayor & Pete is, officiating the wedding and taking shots of all the special moments respectively.

In the pic of the wedding guests we have… oh dear! It’s the groom’s upset ex-girlfriend in the last row. Hope she’s not here to cause a scene!

Another over head shot to show the 2nd floor layout:

The newly weds proceed on to the Town Hall garden and front steps for some happy shots:

I know, the most important shots! Front and Back views below.

The Lego flag is flying high above the Hall and the golden statue (yanked from the Golden minifig key chain) is that of Sir Archibald Goldiness, the first mayor of this town.

This modification of the town hall from the Town Plan set (10184) took 3 sets, and I still ran out of bricks. So you may have already noticed the liberal use of black bricks for inner and side walls. 

The lack of bricks also explains the used of trans clear panels for the 1st floor, although the concept of opening up the reception area to the garden view wouldn’t be too bad in real life I think?

That’s all, hope you enjoyed the little tour!


 See my modular corner cinema (also from 10184) pics here.

See my modular white building pics here. 🙂

18 Responses to My Modular Town Hall

  1. hedgehog says:

    i love the back of the town hall with the little garden:)

    very nice moc, good work!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very lovely and nicely done indeed!

  3. BT says:

    Lovely and creative! MOC with a storyline. Wonder where you got the extra pieces to MOC this building – is it from Town Plan set?

    Anyway, can you blog more about your haul and savings you got from the recent LEGO sale at US (United Square heheh). Didnt manage to go there and want to find out what great deals I missed. ::(

  4. amodularlife says:

    Hedgehog & Anon:
    – Thanks for the nice comments!

    – Pieces mainly from 3 sets of Town Plan, and loads of piece parts & bricks from brick boxes, S@H PAB, bricklink…
    – Huh, better not post. Wait people not happy that I blog about my haul… and they mis-interpret as gloating etc. U shd read the posts on local forums… while I’m happy abt my haul I’m conscious that loads of ppl are unhappy abt what happened. But then no pain no gain? I know the AFOL who got the only Imperial Flagship was there overnight… (and I’m very happy for him that he got the set he really wanted). The rest in the 1st 50 in the q mostly took leave/skip school just to make the sale. So I think those who strolled in at 1-2 pm shouldn’t expect too much… it’s a sale, haven’t they been to one? Even Zara sale also have ppl waiting outside the store before it opens. Arghh… totally off-topic. So yeah, enough on it.

  5. walsh klien says:

    Nice work! I like the open concept to the garden and the 2nd floor where the wedding is held… like our ROM in Singapore =P

  6. kenny says:

    Hi,May i know where u bought your Lego Town Plan frm?

    • amodularlife says:

      2 sets from when it was widely available in Singapore back in 2008?
      1 used set from a former AFOL who wanted to ‘retire’.
      Haven’t seen any shops with the Town Plan since the last set was sold from Simply Toys Plaza Sing.

  7. kenny says:

    Hi,May i know where u bought your Lego Toan Plan frm?

  8. kenny says:

    icic.Cose i’m looking high n low for it.Ebay is selling very exp so tink i will give it a miss.Thanks

  9. Kel says:


    i saw 1 set of town plan at SC


  10. kenny says:

    may i know what is SC?

  11. kenny says:

    secret chamber?

  12. amodularlife says:

    Probably. There are 2 outlets, one at Holland V and one at Thomson Plaza. You can just call and check before going down tho. The prices are known to be eye-popping… tel no. and addresses here:

  13. Kel says:


    the town plan i sae is Secret Chamber at thomson plaza i think retailing at $380

    do a search on e bay some ppl might be selling cheaper cos i got mine 2 weeks ago at $280


  14. Kel says:

    btw the guy i bought from should have 1 more set on ebay but i think he jack up the prices maybe can nego with him to lower down.


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