Harry Potter 2010 Prices

Prices for Harry Potter 2010 are out on Bricksworld website  (thanks to ‘chongcheng’ from the S0937 forum for the info) and I must say… the prices take my breathe away…

I know the prices would have gone up from prior years, but considering how strong the Sing dollar is now on the forex market, I would expect at least some currency adjustment… looks like I might be shipping them in… but we’ll see… If I rem correctly, the previous castle was RRP at S$199.90.

Since I missed most of the previous sets, this series is gonna burn a BIG hole in my pocket. *Sigh* 😦

So, 2010 prices as follows / Update – US$ prices from Brickipedia thanks to BT 🙂 :

  • 4756 – Dobby’s Release: S$25.90 /US$9.99
  • 4737 – Quidditch Match: S$49.90 (I need 2!) / US$19.99
  • 4738 – Hagrid’s Hut: S$99.90 / US$39.99
  • 4840 – The Burrow: S$140.90 (I need 2!) / US$59.99
  • 4841 – Hogwart Express: S$165.90 / US$79.99
  • 4842 – Hogwarts Castle: S$269.90 / US$119.99

Pics here: Link to earlier post

8 Responses to Harry Potter 2010 Prices

  1. BT says:

    The cost we pay living outside of US of A. Looks like I’ll be ordering mine from overseas too, esp. the Castle (USD120) and Express (USD80), as the the prices here are nearly double those in US.

    Btw, I tried to access the S0937 forum but registration seems to have been disabled. Wonder if there’s a problem with the forum.

  2. Mond2 says:

    The forum is still in lockdown for some members cleanup. Registration will be resumed shortly.

  3. E says:

    BT: which links are you looking at for these HP prices?

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