MOCs Inspired by ‘Inception’ the Movie

Judging by the homage to the movie by various AFOLs, ‘Inception’ must be a pretty good show.

1. “What happens when you mess with the physics of it all?” by -infomaniac-

Infomaniac writes: “It was my distinct pleasure to go and see Inception about 3 weeks ago with a good friend who simply raved about the movie. I fell in love the second it started. I loved it so much I saw it again a few weeks later with another group of friends, and it was even better the second time.

I really wanted to build something from this movie, to show my devotion. I was considering the elevator scene, until I saw that a few builders way better than I had already done that part. I settled on the scene where gravity alters a city street. To get the full effect pause this trailer at 43 seconds.”

2. Profound Whatever has done quite a few including the famous elevator scene and rotating hallway. He has also shared a pic that shows how he did the set up so do click on link to his Flickr account.

3. Profound Whatever said he was inspired by Ochre Jelly‘s MOC, and Ochre Jelly subsequently included Lego built backdrop after seeing Profound Whatever’s MOC.  Do you feel inspired yourself after seeing these MOCs?

As a parting shot… one more by Profound Whatever…

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