UCS Imperial Shuttle and Tower Bridge for pre-order

For Singapore fans:

10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle at S$499.90 and 10214 Tower Bridge at S$399.90 is available for pre-order at ToysHunt. Usual member discounts would apply. Expected arrival in October.

  • Tower Bridge has 4,287 pieces. US$239.99, CA$314.99, UK £204.99, DE €219.99
  • Imperial Shuttle has 2,503 pieces. US$259.99 CA $309.99 UK £239.99 DE €259.99

Will update this post with links to my previous posts later.

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Hey, I actually predicted correctly that the Imperial Shuttle price would be S$499 back in June when the set was first announced…

  • Link to Imperial Shuttle TLG Press Release & Designer video: Link
  • Link to my Imperial Shuttle research: Link
  • Link to Tower Bridge TLG Press Release: Link
  • Link to Tower Bridge Designer video: Link

Pricing wise, I’m struggling to understand why a set that costs a mere US$20 more (approx less than S$30) in the USA is priced another S$100 more in Singapore.   I’m guessing that Lego Singapore is banking on the hardcore demand from SW fans… and that demand for Tower Bridge will not be as strong (provided Beckham doesn’t do another interview and mention that he likes the Tower Bridge set!).

4 Responses to UCS Imperial Shuttle and Tower Bridge for pre-order

  1. OCK says:

    i am skipping the shuttle….kiv ask my friend bring back for me in Dec…is not so worth it considering can save almost 140 bucks if i buy from US….

    DS was still a better deal…is like buying from US with shipping cost only…

  2. amodularlife says:

    Is the 140 bucks after accounting for 10% members discount? Unfortunately I don’t have kind friends who travel to the USA so I guess no choice… 😦

    I think the Tower Bridge price is ok tho. More than USA of course but then not as bad as the IS pricing.

  3. OCK says:

    i dont know if tarrazz or it ship direct will be cheaper….gonna wait first….

  4. hippo says:

    I don’t like the tower bridge as it has no minifigs and also take up alot of space area.

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