Lego Inside Tour Holiday?

I suppose this is really only for die hard… (and rich!) AFOLs… Unfortunately not for me since I can’t cough up like S$3K (x2 with bf) for a 2 day tour… not including plane tickets…

But interesting huh? The video shows past participants visiting the vault!!!  (Ahh, I really wanna go!) 😦

Click on this to browse the LEGO S@H US site and watch the video.


LEGO Inside Tour Dates:

– Scheduled Tours:
May 11 – 13, 2011
May 25 – 27, 2011
June 15 – 17, 2011
• The number of guests per tour is limited to 20 participants. The Tour will only run with a minimum of 15 guests sign up.
• We recommend the participants to be a minimum of 7 years old due to safety and security.
• Bookings will be confirmed on a first-come first-served basis.

LEGO Inside Tour Pricing:
This totally unique LEGO Experience is available for only 12.000 DKK per person (approximately $2,003 US Dollars, €1,613 Euros or £1,350 GBP) and includes ALL the following:
• Transportation to all Tour events.
• Wednesday and Thursday night accommodation at the four star Hotel LEGOLAND
• Breakfast Thursday and Friday mornings
• Lunch Thursday and Friday afternoons
• Dinner Wednesday and Thursday evenings

*LEGO Inside Tour Special*
– Meet and greet with our LEGO model designers
– See the historic collection of LEGO products
– Visit to Ole Kirks House
– Visit to the LEGO factory
– LEGOLAND backstage tour

*LEGO Inside Tour Exclusive* – Unique LEGO gift


LEGO Inside Tour Program Highlights:

Day One:
• 4pm – Official Welcome
– Meet LEGO Model Designers:
– Learn about their daily work at the LEGO Group.
– Participate in a LEGO themed building event.
– Discuss your individual LEGO building experience.

• 7pm – Dinner at the Hotel with the LEGO Designers

Day Two:
• 9:00am – Visit Ole Kirks House

– Learn about the history of the LEGO Group including the culture and values of the Company.
– Visit the historical collection of models dating back as far as 1932.
• 1pm – Tour to the LEGO Factory “Kornmarken”.
– Walk around and see our fully automated moulding shop and warehouse. Explore other buildings and facilities in the LEGO Company.
• 6.30pm – Dinner at LEGOLAND Western Town
• 8pm – Coffee, cake and informal talk with the designers.

Day Three:

• 9:30am – LEGOLAND® Billund Backstage Tour
– Go behind-the-scenes and see the secrets of LEGOLAND Park.
– Visit with the Model Designers.
– See the Light and Sound department.

– After the guided tour, explore the park and rides on your own!
• 2pm – Finally, receive an exclusive LEGO gift!
– We won’t disclose what the gift is, but we can tell you that the gift is very special and made only for the LEGO Inside Tour guests.
How to Book:
• If you have any questions, or would like to reserve your place on this tour, please send an email to Camilla Torpe at

Camilla will get back to you with all answers before booking.
– Reference LEGO Inside Tour in the subject line
– Your name, address, email and daytime phone number

Source: Thanks to toyboxglobal from EB who asked if anyone has joined the tour before here

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