Joanne Peh is an AFOL too!

Ha, one more celebrity AFOL (or rather AFFOL), this time a Singapore actress.  She’s even gotten started on her 1st modular! 

So Joanne Peh blogged about her recent Lego shopping trip (she got a Grand Emporium), and even listed the sets she would like to have to do up her city.  Unfortunately she seems to have picked all the hard to find and really expensive sets so I wish her luck and deep pockets.  

Extract of her blog post below and Link Joanne Peh’s blog in case you want to check for yourself.   Update: Oh, from her twitter update she’s gotten the Grand Emporium and Green Grocer too so yes she does have deep pockets and seems to be badly poisoned by the “modular bug”. 😀


Breathe, Live, Play Lego

Last weekend, I walked into a Lego shop at Takashimaya to look for a present, with absolutely no interest in what I always thought were “boys’ toys”. Instead I was completely charmed. Now I need to go to Legoland!!! 

Someone putting on the final touches of this Lego display in Legoland, to commemorate the inauguration of President Barack Obama  
They made the people from bricks too! Not those with features painted on yellow bulbs as heads! 
Ming Barack Obama in Lego. WOW! After my research online, I decided I want to build my own city, and thanks to the Twitteers who gave me a list of shops to go to in Singapore, I found one of the sets that would make the city. 
Ming Ta-da…my very first second set of Lego! (P.S. I had one set in childhood)
Ming Huge box, small packets!If you want to chart my progress, and see which are the two sets that I’ve ordered and are currently on their way, remember to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates! 

Meanwhile, check out the remaining sets I’m waiting to get my hands on, that will help me complete my city.  

Ming Cafe Corner  
Ming Town Plan  
Ming Market Street  

8 Responses to Joanne Peh is an AFOL too!

  1. Discman says:

    u should get her to see yours.. 😀

  2. amodularlife says:

    Haha, I’m actually quite interested to know if she does get those 3 sets.

  3. wongkw says:

    I hope this does not cause the sets to increase in prices locally! David Beckham caused the price of Taj Mahal to increase by 10% at TS!

  4. wongkw says:

    Maybe we will see her at next year TRU sales. Then there will be two queues: one for the sales and one for her autograph. 😉

  5. hippo says:

    She is a millionaire so got discount or no discount makes no difference. 🙂
    Should poison her deep in to the veins. Should her all beautiful sets and army builders’ soldiers. 😀

  6. hippo says:

    Maybe you can invite her to our local lego forum. Post the website links of your blog and forum to her.
    She may attend our local forum monthly meeting. 😀

  7. Jonathan Lum says:

    Be it rich or not well to do … everyone enjoys a little discount here & there .. so we should share the good news around so that it benefits fellow AFOLs !!!

  8. hedgehog says:

    Joanne Peh is going to collect all the modulars.. i can sense it..

    after which she will buy all the City sets and build a little town, not forgetting the trains, airport… police station, fire engine, hospital…

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