So Many New MOCs I Like..

I hate it when I get a backlog of stuff that I really want to post, and unfortunately with so many I really have no time to comment on what I like about each MOC individually.  As usual, do click on the links to their Flickr sites for more pics and close-ups.

Two are entries for the FBTB MOC Madness 2010 Tournament (I’ve been looking at the entries and there are some really cool ships), one vignette that has all 16 of the Series 2 Minifigs, a new stained glass SNOT technique (she has been developing the technique for a while), an eerie castle scene, a war scene, a modified TRU truck (I do like this size a lot more than the original), a steam punk and an abandoned museum.  Really quite a varied offering and I hope there’s something for everyone here. 🙂

Broken Regret by Nannan Z

The Subacorr by Octopunk

 Life’s a Beach by I Scream Clone

Cheese Slope Patterns by eilonwy77

The Dead Can’t Speak by yoshix

Airborne in Normandy by PigletCiamek

ISUZU Toysrus truck by andybear@hk

Medium Steam Airship Mk. LVI By Pain Parade

Museum at night by SlyOwl


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