What happened to the cat?


I had settled down for a relaxing afternoon of City Advent Calendar (2824) building and was really enjoying the build until Day 6 – Girl with Cat:

So what is so disturbing about the pic above? Well, have a look at this:

Yep, cats in Lego land used to have proper eye printing and a nose, and they are now…faceless and kinda creepy looking.  I really liked the previous cat with face printing. It’s got lovely big eyes with eyelashes and all.  Seeing the new one just tells me again that the Lego quality is going downhill. 😦

Apart from the creepy cat, the 2010 Advent Calendar isn’t too bad. 


  • Pricing is really decent in Singapore (offer at S$36.90 in most stores). 
  • As expected I like the little toy models
  • The naked santa in shower is funny
  • Love the baguette & sausages
  • Loads of extra parts at the end of the build. 


  • Minifigs are nothing special tho (would have been good if they’d include a rarer female torso),
  • The rest of the builds (apart from minature toys) were not very exciting.
  • Also didn’t understand why they had to have 2 wagons in different colors (red & yellow – very repetitive). 
  • Creepy cat

I’ll have given it a 8/10 overall but after minus 2 points for the creepy cat it’s 6/10.

Pic of Girl with Cat credit to DHCP1121 from EB who shared his review of the 2010 City Advent Calendar here: Link.

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