I saw a City Corner…

I was in BW Plaza Sing today and was struck by how ‘small’ standard city sets are when I saw a City Corner on display. I do not have a third set of either a City Corner or City House to do a side by side real-life comparison with the ones I have, but after seeing the display I’m all the more convinced modularising official city sets is the way to go (but a very expensive way I must add)…


City fans out there, what do you think? Do you mix classic city sets with your modular series? Or are you also modifying the official sets like me?

Btw, in case you are bitten by the ‘buy-multiple-same-sets’ bug like me, Metro is still having 20% off Lego and Simply Toys also having their buy 2 (same) sets at effectively 20% off offer with Citi cards.

14 Responses to I saw a City Corner…

  1. wongkw says:

    I built the 8403 two weeks ago and initial reaction is why is it half sized? When I see my kids playing with it, then I understand it is designed to be accessible for playing, a full house with four walls would hinder playing.

  2. Discman says:

    Simply Toys promo has changed i think.. saw at suntec yesterday it’s sometime like 30% off second or third set or something..

  3. walsh klien says:

    Yup I agree MOC is the way to go for standard City sets, unless we’re talking about Lego’s Modular sets… =)

  4. Kel says:


    is the ST promo still on??

    how does it works??

    i buy 1 set at normal price and 2nd set will get 40% off?? must it be the same sets or?


  5. amodularlife says:

    Yep, that is how it works if you are a member, if not 2nd set is at 30%off. So far I have not tried buying different sets apart from keychains (& I got the discount altho all were different designs), so am not sure but do give them a call to check. Think the offer is really good for getting lifestyle items.

    Actually Metro still having 20% sale? Could be less troublesome to get from Metro instead.

  6. Jonathan Lum says:

    Affirmative .. was at ST Vivo yesterday .. i think .. for ST Members – 2nd Set is 40% off … Non-ST Members – 2nd set is 30% off … Condition is Set set shld not be higher than the 1st set .. it will be good for buying small sets if you want a few or Lifestyle items ..

  7. OCK says:

    Actually i think ST discount not gd. It is only gd if u buy 2 similarly price items which puts u at 20% each. Like that might as well buy from metro. Dont make u spend more just to get that discount on a second set. I bought once and i went home to calculate… I think not worth it.

    If u have metro voucher from credit card points, still can use. Cash out even n lower. My turbo tank + discount and voucher costs me abt 100 only.

    • wongkw says:

      Sometime ST has good deals also: 1) I bought GE and become instant member and 10% off, 2) I bought Minifig vintage col 3 and 4 at 20% off later

      • amodularlife says:

        They gave me wonderful service recently… I really shd share the experience, and my new toy… 😀

        Agree that sometimes ST has good deals, and quite a fair bit of older sets in the store, esp at RP and Suntec outlets. Not bad if you can snag some old sets at 20% off. I guess I usually buy in multiples anyway, so the buy 2 sets don’t affect me that much.

  8. Kel says:

    hi ,

    thanks for the infor on ST 🙂

    btw already cost me a bomb today just went TS and bought a CC now busy sorting out the bricks


    • amodularlife says:

      I thought the 1st batch of 6 CC he brought in was sold out. Did Ricky bring in more and was it at the same price as before?

      Have fun building! Thinking back on my modular builds, I think I did them in the order of release dates… very fun! And I rem being thrilled each time I learnt a new SNOT technique while building. 😀

      • OCK says:

        ah..so bricks u are here too….hahaha…i need to go home and finish up my GE…

        CC has got nice colours i feel…so now u are hungry for MS….seow liao…

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