My ‘Personal Lego Store’…

I was looking at the youtube set reviews that Jonathan so kindly shared, and suddenly missed seeing my personal Lego store when I saw the background used in the videos.


Note: Flowery paperbag contains my NISB spidey sets (^_^)

These pics were taken back in April and I’d share them with the S0937 forum members… new mountains have since grown, and I can’t take any more nice pics of my personal store. Well… try to imagine Kingdoms, space shuttle, some MISB/used vintage sets, more City, more SW, more Creator, Lego Games, trains, superpacks, speed racer, advent calendars & Muji sets in the pic… that’s my current collection, something like that anyway…

I’ve been struggling with whether to de-box some of the sets (since 50% is probably just AIR) to create more space, but when the collection looks like that, really hard to de-box. And ya, sometimes when I can’t go shopping I’ll just go to the storeroom and look at the boxes… *cough* 😛

Before anyone asks, no I do not sell. 🙂

21 Responses to My ‘Personal Lego Store’…

  1. OCK says:

    how many sets of the same thing do you buy? all these are MISB? i’m stunned! i am not fit to be call a lego fan…just a wannabe after looking at this…

    • amodularlife says:

      Usually 2 to 3… but for many different reasons:
      – need at least 2 sets if I think the sets have potential for modularising (City)… or expansion (like the castle/pirate/POP/IJ sets).
      – or extra to use for piece parts – more for discounted creator houses (I actually did that for one Taj Mahal, now with the price trending up I feel tempted to put the parts back together again, haha).
      – modulars I started with 2 boxes of each cos I was thinking of expanding them vertically when I started on modulars.
      – beach house is special – bought a few cos I love the set design. But creator houses usually have 3 designs so with 3 sets can keep all designs built at the same time.
      – POP cos I like the feel of the sets, plus the printed horse.
      – as my collection grew I also realised quite nice to look at boxes (is this a weird fetish? I dunno), so if can then just buy lor so I can always have some MISB to look at.
      – some is just buy cos have discount and can’t resist tbh.
      – erm… some cos I forgot I bought before, hahahah.

      Mostly MISB as you see in the pics. Except the Town Plan I think, left the NISB Service Stations, vehicles, n fountains not built (shd be at least 2 sets of each inside the opened box).

      My used sets are mostly stored in cabinets, so not in pic.

      I know there are collectors in SG with more lar… they just don’t want to show hand.

      • OCK says:

        so nice…i am a wannabe… i agree the box art is nice…but sometimes i get very gd price on ebay US then i don’t mind forgo the box just to be able to get the toy….else if i want the box and MISB..i will probably pay double or triple or more price…(what to do…i am a late collector…when everything price goes up)

      • amodularlife says:

        No lar, not a wannabe, your collection will grow… and grow… don’t worry. When I started I only had a little pile. 🙂

        but sometimes i get very gd price on ebay US then i don’t mind forgo the box just to be able to get the toy
        Me too, that’s why many of my older sets are not shown cos they are in bags, cardboard boxes, shoe boxes…

  2. wongkw says:

    What’s inside the box with the 7-11 logo?

  3. Mond2 says:

    Thats the 7-11 display case… which not very useful for displaying LEGO in my opinion… >p

  4. Jonathan Lum says:

    I knew that was coming … those folks in the vids sure have a nice collection of LEGO being arranged nicely. Wonder whether did they buy insurance for it ? How about you ?

    How about re-arranging them ? It is fun & that would also help to give your wallet some “peace” till October comes … hahahaha ..

  5. Jonathan Lum says:

    It’s FUN … I enjoy packing … Tell me when … I come over to pack .. FOC .. just provide me drinks will do …

  6. Kel says:


    i was at uncle shop today and his son mention about u 🙂

    he was telling me u have a few boxes of town plan hahahah

    he was mentioning a lady AFOL and i also happened to mention i does visit a blog by a lady and he says yeah lah this is the lady he is talking about…


  7. alas says:

    I almost wanted to ask till i saw the last statement haha.
    As usual, always good see these boxes. Cheers.

  8. hedgehog says:

    wow…that’s alot.. don’t remove the boxes..keep them MISB!

    a room delicated to storing lego…

  9. OCK says:

    where do you fins space to display so many things???

    i still got a few box of star wars haven open up..i don’t know where to put them…

    can share your display?

  10. Teo says:

    U getting any new set soon? pirates of the caribbean? Pharaoh quest?

  11. Teo says:

    Maersk train looks nice too. I just cannot concentrate on one theme. 😦 Every theme there is something nice. Very hard on my wallet. :,(

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