Lego Tin Robot

Saw this yesterday, but got distracted by all the comments.

Anyway, isn’t it cute? By yo3l, more in his Flickr page.

16 Responses to Lego Tin Robot

  1. OCK says:

    he’s got a white one too u know? you guys that do all these MOC are so gd…how to find all the parts u need?

    • Jonathan Lum says:

      OCK, here are some resources for MOCs …
      1. purchasing multiple same set
      2. purchasing the Tubs of Bricks
      3. re-use bricks from other sets
      4. last but not least … Bricklink

      Most importantly, you will need to ensure you have proper storage & labelling for the extra bricks ..
      Hope this helps …

    • amodularlife says:

      Haha, no I didn’t know. Is the white robot better?

      And for the parts, like what Jonathan described, multiple sets, lotsa of basic brick boxes, some from TH & ST loose bricks selection (tho they are horribly expensive compared to Bricklink, but hey, instant gratification…) and BRICKLINK!!! It’s horrible and addictive… you just keep clicking and before you know it the purchase can be a few hundred dollars! (It’s known as ‘cracklink’ too btw… consider yourself warned… haha).

      Btw, congrats on your GE.
      FB next! How can you miss one especially when it’s on offer? (don’t buy now sure regret later, I’m speaking from experience! Like the Town Plan I did not buy, arrrrgggggh…) FB has a pool table and kitchen you know? Super cute!

  2. OCK says:

    cannot la…cannot…cannot…cannot…..

    i have a DS coming up next week…but still KIV first…i want to save some bucks for cloud city sw…

    • amodularlife says:

      Read from EB that a possible set for next year is Cloud City… you sure you wanna buy the SW CC? If next year SW CC comes out again, then…

      Display wise… there’s a reason why most of my collection is MISB… anyway can also build and then dismantle (but remember to get the brick separator from TH before that) though I try not to do that…

      Since you’ve joined the S0937 forum, do have a look at the share your collection thread. Many of the bros have nice displays, if not the cheapest glass cabinet is prob from Ikea.

  3. OCK says:

    I heard of the 2011 sw CC rumors but… Will we get a similar boba and leia? I’m sure the new set shld look better , improve playability than the previous set.. But the 10123 is pretty awesome already in my opinion.

    I had a chance to get a misb set before but i pass it because i dont know if i can bear to open it up.

    • amodularlife says:

      Ohhh… you passed up? But I know what you mean about not being able to open up MISB sets. I face that problem myself. 😛

      As for 2011 sets, I’m sure more news will be out in early Oct, so just have to be patient and wait…

  4. Kel says:


    just like to check with u , any places still selling Market street? cos i short of that set to complete my street..


  5. OCK says:

    bricks, u complete already can go star wars right?

  6. amodularlife says:

    Haha, actually only 1 modular a year, so if you are disciplined Modulars are probably the easiest theme to collect. 😉

  7. OCK says:

    oh is it? i dinno. what was this year?

  8. OCK says:

    i am very distracted now..the price of a falcon 10179 i can get CC,MS and FB to complete…since i got GG and GE alr…damn..

    • amodularlife says:

      Oh no, sounds like you are really badly poisoned… actually, best is if you can let go of CC & MS, and just get FB. Discontinued sets are really expensive to get. Imagine the MF was at $1K before standard discounts when it was in SG. Heard is at $1.6K now?

      Erm, so u r now also Modular collector + Star Wars? This year was Grand Emporium. Last year was FB.

      • OCK says:

        Now i am hopeless…………

        maybe tomorrow go and get FB….today went TRU buy some extra minifig from loose set….i realise city quite nice… came home i sit down and rationalise…SW too many old expensive sets…i will get cheap/used ones if i can from ebay..(i really don’t like to buy a box so nice and can’t bear to open it).. and Modular only CC/MS so exp…(i will likely give up MS becos i feel so few bricks..a bit exp..CC i will see how.)

  9. Kel says:


    thanks for the infor, i already monitor this fellow liao waitong for him to drop price 🙂
    uncle also dont know he can get it or not…. but dont be suprise he will have 1-2 sets pop out cos he yet to clear his wearhouse


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