What My Floor Looks Like Now – A War Zone!

I’m a really messy builder… Really admire those people who are tidy and disciplined when they are building and parts all remain in the right compartment/drawer, etc. I can do that when I build from instructions, but not when I MOC.  

Gosh, really look like war zone. Time for me to pack!

Questions? Yeah, those are parts from FB. No, I’m not building another one, just cannabalizing the parts for my next MOC.

6 Responses to What My Floor Looks Like Now – A War Zone!

  1. Ambo100 says:

    Do you have any more pics of the police hq?

    • amodularlife says:

      Thanks Kel & Ambo100.

      No other pics cos it’s just a work in progress… still fiddling and probably gonna re-do a large chunk of it later. Will post when I finish and manage to do some simple photo-editing as well k? Will take a while I think considering L1 is not even done!

  2. Kel says:

    u are indeed a modular queen 🙂

  3. cocomo says:

    wow!! you have a few sets. See that you have the FB. Wanted to buy but I didnt have the TH membership. With membership, it is cheaper.

  4. walsh klien says:

    Can’t wait to see how your MOC comes out… I’m working on a train cum bus interchange using the remains of 8404 set that I got from TRU… need to get more bricks from Bricklink =)

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