Lego Dollhouse Interiors

I saw the wonderful interiors by Brixe63 last month, but the sheer number of pictures daunted me from blogging about it… ya… *cough*.  Anyway saw Heather LEGOgirl‘s awesome dollhouse yesterday and thought this was a good opprtunity to make up for not blogging earlier.

If you ever need references for dollhouse interiors (or a model of your house), I think between these 2 ladies they pretty much got every room covered (including a Lego room!). 

The pics I have here only represent a fraction of the rooms done up (94 pics by Brix63 & 21 by Heather LEGOgirl), so do pop by their Flickr accounts for more.

Lego Haus by Brixe63

Lee Jones Memorial Dollhouse by Heather LEGOgirl

One Response to Lego Dollhouse Interiors

  1. wee chong says:

    wow! this is so delicate and detailed!! really love it!!!

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