The Modular Series

There seems to be a sudden craze for Lego Modular series in Singapore with older sets that have been on the shelves for months suddenly sold out… is it due to the Straits Times Singapore newspaper article last month? Or the Joanne Peh effect?

Just thought it’ll be good to put together some resources for easy reference, including those videos shared by Jonathan (for some vicarious building and bricks sniffing), as well as EB reviews of each Modular set.

Before that, I also have some favourite sites to share with Modular fans:

Personally, I’m just really glad I started my collection when the early modulars were still readily available. The prices now quoted for Cafe Corner & Market Street are just shock inducing…

Click on title links for EB reviews:

10182 Cafe Corner (2007) Review 1 Review 2

10190 Market Street (2007) Review

10185 Green Grocer (2008) Review

10197 Fire Brigade (2009) Part 1 Part 2

10211 Grand Emporium (2010) Review

9 Responses to The Modular Series

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    The Creator House Series:

    1. LEGO 4996 Beach House

    2. LEGO 5981 Apple Tree House

    3. LEGO 6754 Family Home

    4. LEGO 4954 Town House

    Next, will be the Theme Park Series … I LOVE doing this …

  2. Kel says:

    Wow wow is the word !!!!

    U are right the CC i bought was 650 but too bad i started it late and the prices really shoot up very high…

    now short of market street but the price is even crazier 650 for 1000 over pieces of bricks hiazzzz..

    now still thinking dunno to buy or not.


  3. Kel says:

    btw just like to check with u . do u do customize modular ??

    • amodularlife says:

      Congrats on recent purchases Kel & OCK. Your spending prowess has been amazing the past week… but really quite fun to read about it, and makes me feel better about my shopping too, haha.

      Kel: U mean if I do unique MOCs?
      Yes and no, depending how ‘strict’ you are about them, I’ve just been modifying official sets into modular sizes… tho with the amount of changes I’ve had to make it’s probably more of MOC than MOD. You can see them here if you are interested: 🙂
      Modular City House
      Modular Corner Cinema
      Modular Pizza Corner
      Modular Town Hall
      Modular White Building

      OCK: Thanks bro… but am far from pro unfortunately… compared to some of my favourite modular builders I’ve a long way to go! Mabbe kindergarten or primary school? Hehe.

      • OCK says:

        haha..i don’t have the spending power and time to do MOC sadly though i wish one day i can do those big big build up like some of the builder…

        haha..u follow me on sgcollect…ebay is addictive

      • amodularlife says:

        Yes, quite amusing to read you guys… luckily I got over my ‘buy everything’ stage… ok… admit that I already have most of the sets anyway 😛

  4. OCK says:

    u are kidding she is a pro le

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